Online Estate Agent Statistics & Market Share

Market Share

Between Online Estate Agents

The following graph and table shows the distribution of listings for each online agent, and excludes high street agents. As you can see, Purplebricks is clearly the most popular online agent, with YOPA, Express Estate Agency, Housesimple and Doorsteps also boasting high numbers of listings.

Online Agent Property Listings Market Share
Purplebricks Logo
16,353 53.92%
4,717 15.55%
Express Estate Agency Logo
Express Estate Agency
3,217 10.61%
Housesimple Logo
2,752 9.07% Logo
1,123 3.7%
99Home Logo
384 1.27%
Open House Logo
Open House
293 0.97% Logo
238 0.78%
235 0.77%
Emoov Logo
180 0.59%
easyProperty Logo
142 0.47%
Property Eagle Logo
Property Eagle
137 0.45%
Griffin Residential Logo
Griffin Residential
125 0.41%
Harding Estate Agents Logo
Harding Estate Agents
83 0.27% Logo
73 0.24%
Homes On Web Logo
Homes On Web
71 0.23%
Findahome Online Logo
Findahome Online
61 0.2%
Pink Street Logo
Pink Street
58 0.19%
My Online Estate Agent Logo
My Online Estate Agent
49 0.16%
I Am The Agent Logo
I Am The Agent
40 0.13%

Online Agents Vs High Street Agents

Online estate agents' growth in cumulative market share has plateaued somewhat over the past two years, but it is still expected to grow in the long-term.

Our research shows online estate agents' market share is 6.21%. This figure tends to hover between 6% and 8%.

Impact of the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) on online estate agents' market share

The market share of online estate has contracted slightly in comparison to high street estate agents since mid-March. On March 15th 2020, online agent market share was 6.5%. As of the 9th of April, it is 6.38%.

In this time frame, the property count advertised by online estate agents has dropped 4.8%.

Average Prices

Average Asking Price

The average asking price for a property listed with an online agent is £281,949. This matches closely to the UK average price paid of £278,787.[1]

Bear in mind that the 'mean average' will be skewed upward by very expensive properties. The median price paid, i.e. the 50th percentile, is lower. In England and Wales, it is £235,000, according to the Office for National Statistics.[2]

Average Online Agent Fee

The average fee you can expect to pay depends heavily what package and services you're looking for. We've collated similar types of packages offered by agents to help you see what you can expect:

Package TypeAverage Price
Basic (Listing Only, No Photos)£229
Standard (Includes Listing, Photography)£557
Hybrid (Self-Hosted Viewings)£803
Hybrid (Accompanied Viewings)£1,168

Average Savings Vs High Street

Using the lower, median average selling price of £235,000, it's possible to estimate how much you stand to save using an online estate agent.

Traditional high street estate agents usually operate on a commission basis. There is a considerable range of commissions, ranging from about 0.75% to 3%. An independent body's research came across multiple suggested commission averages: 1.3%, 1.5% and 1.8%. All of these exclude VAT of 20%, so the true amount a seller pays is higher than the listed figure. We will use this range of figures, but including VAT, to calculate the savings.

Online Agent Package Type 0.75% + VAT 1% + VAT 1.25% + VAT 1.5% + VAT 1.75% + VAT 2% + VAT
Basic (Listing Only, No Photos) (£229)£1,886£2,591£3,296£3,991£4,706£5,411‬
Standard (Listing, Photography) (£557)£1,558£2,263£2,968£3,663£4,378£5,083
Hybrid (Self-Hosted Viewings) (£803) £1,312£2,017£2,722£3,417£4,132£4,837
Hybrid (Accompanied Viewings) (£1,168)£947 £1,652£2,357£3,052£3,767£4,472

It is worth bearing in mind that the higher the listing price of the property, the more you stand to save. This means an online agent might save you £15,000 on a million pound property, but conversely, if you are selling a lower-priced property, the savings made from an online estate agent can narrow, and in some rare situations, become negative. For example, 1.25% + VAT commission on an £75,000 property is £1,125, which is not a considerably higher fee than some hybrid estate agents.