The Best Online Estate Agents 2024

Janaury 2023

Latest Rankings as of Wednesday 17th of July 2024
Rank Online Agent Packages Lowest Fee Pay on Completion Sort by allAgents Rating Sort by Trustpilot Rating Our Grade View
1 EweMove Logo
EweMoveHybrid Estate Agent
1 Package
~1% + VAT
Available 3.20 (18)
4.70 (19974)
5 star
Rated A-Plus Profile
2 YOPA Logo
YOPAHybrid Estate Agent
7 Packages
£999.00 Available 4.70 (1858)
4.40 (21387)
4 star
Rated A-Plus Profile
3 Strike Estate Agents Logo
Strike Estate Agents
1 Package
£0.00 Available 4.00 (518)
4.20 (22860)
4 star
Rated A-Plus Profile
4 Logo
3 Packages
£899.00 Available 4.90 (41)
4.70 (542)
5 star
Rated A Profile
5 Emoov Logo
EmoovHybrid Estate Agent
1 Package
£895.00 Unavailable 4.84 (2219)
4.40 (2270)
4 star
Rated A Profile
6 I Am The Agent Logo
I Am The Agent
4 Packages
£99.00 Unavailable 4.70 (26)
4.10 (182)
4 star
Rated A Profile
7 99Home Logo
99HomeHybrid Estate Agent
3 Packages
£99.00 Unavailable 4.20 (38)
4.90 (1288)
5 star
Rated A Profile
8 Springbok Properties Logo
Springbok Properties
1 Package
£3500.00 Available 4.70 (4068)
4.20 (3751)
4 star
Rated A Profile
9 Purplebricks Logo
PurplebricksHybrid Estate Agent
2 Packages
£1199.00 Unavailable 1.20 (487)
3.70 (100661)
4 star
Rated B Profile
10 Logo
OnlineEstateAgents.comHybrid Estate Agent
2 Packages
£445.00 Available 5.00 (8)
4.80 (73)
5 star
Rated B Profile

About This List

Choosing the best online agent for you can be a difficult task, but we aim to help as much as possible.

At OnlineAgentPicker, we believe that a seller's real world experience with their online agent takes priority over arbitrary measures. We don't think it's fair to rate a budget service poorly if the client is happy with their service.

As such, we provide ratings and rankings based on clients' reviews from multiple sources around the web, and trust that reviewers in general will rate an agent based on how well they deliver what they promise. The feature set is not taken into account in these ratings, in other words. This means that we do not have input in how the agents are rated or ranked beyond setting the algorithm -- it's automated.

We intend for these rankings to serve more as a guide, because differing feature sets between agents can mean different agents suit different people. Also note that some agents may be more invested in curating a review profile, and so may derive benefit from that - these rankings are an approximation based on the information available to the public, but we believe they are the best available, and we are always working to improve them.

Please note that these rankings include "hybrid estate agents", which often cost more, as well as "pure" online estate agents.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do these ratings and rankings work?

We strive to provide the best and most useful ratings to help your decision making. The method we use may seem a little convoluted, but we think it provides the best results avoids common problems other ranking and rating systems based on reviews fall foul to.

Common problems
  • We intuitively know that an online estate agent with three perfect reviews should not be ranked ahead of an agent with 50 reviews averaging at 9.4/10, yet it's not uncommon to see the former rated higher (for example, products on Amazon!). Which estate agent would you trust more? We try to reflect this, and use volume more as a measure of confidence.
  • It's not unknown for services to provide better service when they start out, and to eventually feel they have a cushion of a reputation and reviews to fall back on as they cut costs and so on. We want to be on the look-out for a 'going downhill' pattern in the quality of reviews.
  • Similar to the above, is if a product's no longer getting many reviews, they can retain a rating even though we can no longer be as confident that they are maintaining the standard. Momentum is being lost.

The problems faced here are not new. The solution we have implemented uses the Bayesian Average and Bayesian Estimation. You may be familiar with the IMDB Top 250 ranking for films. We use effectively the same system, just with agents instead of films, and with more factors (e.g. time-sensitive factors).

In essence, the more reviews we have of an agent, the more we can have confidence in the accuracy of their rating. Another way to think of this is that all the estate agents start off with the same starting position, and only a strong indication of their quality (good or bad) will allow one to break from the pack. This methodology generally provides a nice and intuitive compromise between the true average rating and the number of ratings.

This is not a review site... What review sources are you using?

We currently acknowledge the ratings given by Trustpilot and allAgents, who've had a thankless task collecting reviews over the years. We are also considering acknowledging Google Reviews,, and sitejabber.

Is there any bias towards certain online estate agents in these rankings? Is it neutral?

The rankings are automated and are based on the reviews published on the review sources we use. There is no manual adjustment made for any agent.

There is some automated weighting given to sources based on their rating distribution, i.e. If, across all agents, 5-Star reviews make up 99% of the volume on a certain platform, then that platform's reviews may be devalued in comparison to a source where the rating distribution resembles a bell-curve peaking at 4 stars.

There is also a minor reward for consistency across platforms.

Why do the ratings change frequently?

The ratings may change with new information. This is more likely for agents with only a few reviews. Established agents will likely only see gradual changes. If there are big changes, it may mean there has been a large influx or disappearance of reviews at one of the sources.

Why do you only show the top 10 online estate agents?

It's easier to digest! There are around 40 active online estate agents that we're tracking - please visit our comparison table for a more detailed comparison with all of the agents.