Purplebricks Offer Free Service to Emoov Customers

11th December, 14:40

Michael Bruce, Purplebricks CEO, is following through on his statement made last week in reference to Emoov entering administration.

Further tweets made yesterday announced that Purplebricks are willing to allow any Emoov customers, including Tepilo customers, who have not yet sold their property, to use Purplebricks at no extra cost. Emoov customers who deferred payment are not necessarily off the hook regarding payment, as it's very possible administrators James Cowper Kreston could look for monies owed.

As of today, December 11 2018, Purplebricks will make arrangements for such customers if contacted on their hotline at 01926356659, open Monday-Friday 8am - 7PM until the 21st of December. The property being sold will then be re-valued and the customer will start the process as a normal Purplebricks customer sans fee.

Michael Bruce claims this is being done to help these customers, and because they believe in doing the right thing. He further emphasized that Purplebricks are solid foundations and so are able to offer hope to the people left in the lurch after Emoov collapsed.

There are other upsides for Purplebricks also. The move will help protect the overall reputation of the online estate agent model, by preventing early adopters of the technology from being burned. Of course, large marketing expenditure and staffing costs could go awry for businesses in any space, but it's easy for the general public to infer problems with online estate agents in general.

Should Emoov's clients take up the offer, another potential benefit, although not necessarily for the administrators and investors of Emoov, is that the property listings and client list of Emoov is less valuable to any other potential estate agent looking to buy Emoov's assets and branding, mildly warding off potential competition. James Cowper Kreston are reportedly looking to sell off Emoov's assets for £100,000.

See below Michael Bruce's tweets announcing the news:

(1/3) It's been clear @emoov was in difficulty for some time & we want to do what we can to help customers. We’re offering @emoov & @tepilo customers who've paid a fixed fee (or deferred payment) & not yet sold their home the opportunity to come to @PurplebricksUK FREE OF CHARGE
(2/3) If you call our hotline, 01926356659, we’ll make arrangements to value your home and then market it just like all other properties being sold through us. LINES OPEN AT 8AM ON WEDNESDAY 12TH (tomorrow)
(3/3) We’re doing this to help these customers because we believe in doing the right thing. We're a business built on solid foundations so we’re able to offer hope to these people

Overall, this offer is incredibly likely to be highly appreciated to those Emoov and Tepilo customers, as it guarantees the continuance of their property's marketing.