House Tree Vs SOLD.CO.UK

House Tree or SOLD.CO.UK: Which is the best for you?

Feature House Tree SOLD.CO.UK
allAgents Rating 4.30 4.50
TrustPilot Rating 3.80 4.30
Number of Packages 1 1
Fee on Completion Available Availalbe
Cheapest Price £996.00 £0.00
Property Count 0 237
Market Share 0.7%
Hybrid Agent No No
Founded 2011

House Tree offers just the one package, their 'Standard' package priced at £996.00
SOLD.CO.UK also offers a one size fits all package, their 'Free / Excess' package priced at £0.00

Both House Tree and SOLD.CO.UK provide packages that require no up front fee.

Choose Packages to Compare

House Tree: Standard vs SOLD.CO.UK: Free / Excess


£0 then 996.00

No Up Front Fee


Floorplans £40 

For Sale Board £60 

Viewings £45 

Per Viewing

EPC £95 

Rightmove Rightmove

Zoopla Zoopla

PrimeLocation PrimeLocation


Free / Excess


Up Front Flat Fee



For Sale Board



Rightmove Rightmove

Zoopla Zoopla

PrimeLocation PrimeLocation

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